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Rementus' commitment to not only repairing technology but also preserving your valuable digital memories. Whether it's rejuvenating a malfunctioning computer system or safeguarding precious photo archives, Rementus offers a broad spectrum of IT services designed to maintain and restore your technological assets to their optimal state

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At Rementus, we are dedicated to helping you preserve your precious memories. Our digital preservation service offers a comprehensive solution to keep your digital files safe and secure for the future. Trust us to handle your valuable memories with the utmost care and attention.

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I can't recommend Rementus enough. Our business, a pharmacy, was totally without any internet this morning leaving us without any ability to operate. I called Frontier, our internet service provider, and they couldn't get anyone out until sometime the next day. I called Rementus and Dallas was able to come out within the hour and get the issue fixed, even though it was an issue that dealt with Frontiers service box. I can't thank Dallas enough for his quick response and efficient solution. We were back up and running within an hour of opening!!



Very pleased with Dallas's work. We had a sick laptop that needed help. Dallas was able to diagnose my patient quickly and performed the surgery honestly. I say honestly because he was able to get the patient's health back on track without replacing parts unnecessarily. On top of all that, he took the time to explain to me the surgery he performed and all the options I had now and in the future. Thanks Dallas!



We started using Dallas after a previous I.T specialist could not meet our needs. Dallas has repaired every computer that has needed repairs and he has also built 2 computers for our office to meet our needs. Dallas also wired the office we moved into in a very timely manner and did it right. Not only has he helped us at the office, we have used him for technology needs at home. Dallas is very knowledgeable, responsive, and get things done the first time.

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